Birra Moretti

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  • Italy
  • Heineken UK
  • Lager/Pils
Sub Style:
  • Pale Lager
  • Bottle
  • 4.6%
Bottle Size:
  • 330ml
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Birra Moretti is an Italian lager that was first brewed back in 1859. This beer is made with a special blend of high quality ingredients along with a brewing process that has barely changed over the centuries. What does Birra Moretti lager taste like? This flavoursome beer has a delicate citrus hop base and a top note of wholemeal bread. Drinkers can expect a smooth, medium bodied mouthfeel that’s slightly sweet on the palate.

What strength is Borra Moretti? Great question - this lager is 4.6%, making it 1.5 units of alcohol by UK standards. Where is Birra Moretti brewed? Nowadays, this beer is brewed in various plants around the world by the company Heineken. The recipe for Birra Moretti was created by Luigi Moretti in 1859 in his beer and ice factory located in Udine, north east Italy. Heineken bought the company in 1996.

In 1942, Moretti’s nephew noticed a dapper looking man sitting at a table at a restaurant in Udine. There was something quite unique about this man; he appeared to perfectly embody the values of Moretti’s beer - authenticity, tradition, and genuineness. Moretti’s nephew asked if he could take the man’s picture. The man said yes, in return for another beer. From that day onwards the image of the man is on every bottle of Moretti beer as a mark of its heritage and values.

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