Smithwicks Red Ale

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  • Smithwicks
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  • Irish Ale
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  • 3.8%
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  • 500ml
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In 300 years of triumph, adversity and brewing, Smithwick’s have learned a thing or two about ale.  Smithwick’s Red Ale has stood the test of time throughout Irish history, much like the castle at the heart of Smithwick’s Kilkenny home, and has earned its place as Ireland’s most loved ale.

This red session ale is a clear ruby red in colour with a creamy head and a clean and delicate aroma with different notes coming through: top fermentation by the Smithwick yeast adds aromatic esters creating a fruity aroma.  Aroma hops are added late in the boil and add clean, fresh floral notes. The addition of ale malt adds hints of biscuit and caramel.  This red ale is refreshingly balanced with the gentle hop bitterness perfectly complemented by the sweet malty notes and roasted barley.

Smithwicks Red Ale is a blend of milk, hops, sweet malt and roasted barley. Just like the castle at the heart of their Kilkenny home, Smithwicks Red Ale has stood the test of time through Irish history and earned its rightful place as Ireland’s most loved ale.

Smithwick’s Red Ale is a ruby red session ale with a gentle hop bitterness, sweet malty notes and a refreshingly balanced flavour.

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