Greek beer can trace its lineage right back to the Bronze Age thanks to recent excavations. The Greeks not only nailed fine art, philosophy and architecture, but also the time honoured tradition of brewing beer. For quite some time, this was over-taken by wine production, but the first King of Greece, ‘Frederic Othon’ (1833) hailed from Bavaria and he intended to bring his love of beer to Greece. A number of Bavarians followed the King and Greek beer brands began to blossom.

Three of the major Greek beer brands are Fix, the oldest official brewery in the country, Santorini Brewing Company and Zeos. However, some of the Greek brewers are owned by names you might be more familiar with; the Athenian Brewing is a subsidiary of Heineken, whilst the Olympic Brewery is a subsidiary of the Carlsberg Group.

The most common types of beer found in Greece include; lager (both blond and dark), pilsener and IPA. Within Greece, arguably the most popular Greek beer is Mythos, a blond lager, with a divine blonde colour and a refreshing mild sweet taste. Its quality speaks for itself as it is quite possibly the most well known Greek beer across the world. The Macedonian Thrace Brewing brews one of the most popular Greek lager beers, Vergina Lager Beer.

Thanks to the Bavarian injection of beer making traditions in the 1800s, modern Greek beer has predominantly stayed true to its roots, that’s not to say that they haven’t put their own stamp on it in recent years. One of the new kids on the block, Kykao, is a small independent cooperative micro brewery with some big goals; creating top quality craft beer, respecting and protecting nature in an equal working environment. Try Kykao Woody Imperial IPA to sample their take on a classic; their style is to stir things up!

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