Ethiopian beer has only been around for a relatively short space of time, and until recently most of it was made by government-owned breweries. Most Ethiopian beers are pale lagers, perfect for the climate of the country, and the ingredients and brewing processes create a distinct style and crisp taste that goes especially well with spicy food—these beers have got a small but growing following, with several breweries on offer that produce a range of well-loved varieties.

Ethiopian beer brewing
Ethiopia’s oldest brewery, Kombolcha, was founded in 1922 and has produced market-leading beers ever since. St George and Castel are its two main products and it continues to produce both beers to this day, despite now being owned by the French BCI Group, with both being highly prized for their flavour. Of course, these aren’t the only options and there are plenty of other home-grown varieties being available including the likes of Meta—the brewery where it’s made is located on the outskirts of Addis Ababa and sits right next to a soft mineral spring, with the water already meeting international brewing standards and called “holy water” by the locals.

Try Ethiopian beer for yourself
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