Dominican Republic

Rum might be the traditional drink of the Dominican Republic, but that doesn’t mean beer can’t have its place. It’s a relatively small industry that’s dominated by a couple of key brands, but what those brands do they do well—there’s nothing better than being able to laze on a white sandy beach with a cool, crisp bottle of Dominican Republic beer, bringing you the taste of the country and an experience you’ll never forget.

Beer brewing in the country
Dominican Republic beer brewing is a relatively recent occurrence. Up until the early 20th century the beer market was wholly comprised of import brands, but businessmen noticed a fantastic opportunity and sought to fill the gap in the market. So, in 1929 the Cervecería Nacional Dominicana/Dominican National Brewery (CND) was formed, with Beer Reiner, Maltina Reiner and Beer Columbus being the first beverages created at the plant.

From there the industry started to expand with more varieties being introduced, and a key date was 1935 when Presidente Especial was first created—this pilsner-type beer has become a key brand and is in itself an icon of Dominican culture, with it being easily sourced across the island and being the first name anyone thinks of when they ask for a beer. It’s starting to become known across the globe with exports being on the rise, and with only the finest ingredients used it’s no wonder it’s got such a loyal following. And, if rumours are to be believed, Robert Redford won’t drink any other beer—how’s that for a recommendation?

Try Dominican Republic beer for yourself
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