Denmark might be the home of Carlsberg, but these days the country boasts far more than mass-produced varieties. The influx of microbreweries means Danish beer is enjoying a huge surge of popularity with the market being one of the most exciting in Europe, with plenty of styles and varieties being available to tempt beer drinkers to indulge.

The growth of the Danish beer market
The Carlsberg brewery was established in Denmark in 1847, and its two core brands (Carlsberg and Tuborg) quickly dominated the Danish beer market and for the most part continue to do so. But, they’re certainly not the only options. Since the late 20th century a lot of regional breweries started to appear, a lot of which merged to form Royal Unibrew in 2005, but over the last few years a large number of microbreweries have come into being too. This has injected some welcome variety into the mix to expand the Danish beer market and take it in new directions, and with plenty of different styles on offer there’s something for everyone.

Popular styles and varieties
The most popular style of beer in Denmark is easily pale lager, taking more than 95% of total sales. But, there’s far more to Danish beer than that—stouts, dark beers, ales and IPAs are growing in popularity as are seasonal varieties, helped in no small part by innovative microbreweries developing new styles, and Denmark arguably has the most interesting beer scene of any European country. Interest continues to grow with there being a strong consumer movement surrounding the consumption and production of beer in the country, and with more varieties being introduced on a regular basis it’s a great time to get in on the action. Why not see for yourself? Our extensive range of Danish beer contains plenty of different options for you to take your fancy, so test a few out and you’ll soon see why Denmark is quickly becoming a leader in the international beer scene.

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