Think Cuba and chances are rum springs to mind, but that isn’t the only alcoholic beverage the island is known for. What about beer? Cuban beer is sweet, refreshing and a core part of Cuban culture, and here at Beers of Europe we want to give you the chance to experience it for yourself. Our ever-expanding range includes plenty of Cuban beers for you to choose from, and with the market containing both corporate giants and smaller microbreweries the level of choice is increasing all the time.

Core brands of Cuban beer
Head to any Cuban bar and chances are you’ll be presented with several core brands. Bucanero (and the stronger Bucanero Max and Malta), Cristal and Mayabe are all popular options and can be easily sourced across the island, but of course, as well as recognisable brands you could well come across some hidden gems too with micro brewing being a practice that’s growing in popularity.

Although there are several brands of Cuban beer available, the most popular are all made by one producer—Cervecería Bucanero S.A. (CBSA). The brewery was established in the late 1980s and is located in Holguin, a city that lays claim to the best water in the country, and it’s this that gives the beers their refreshing taste and high-quality finish. The state of the art production plant produces some 1.5million hectolitres per year and demand for the nectar is only ever on the rise, and with a lot of brands enjoying international recognition the popularity of Cuban beer isn’t going to end anytime soon.

Try it out for yourself
If you want to experience the unique taste of Cuban beer for yourself, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Beers of Europe we’re continually expanding our range to bring you the best selection around, so take a browse and then take the plunge with a Cuban beer or two.