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A delicious, full bodied Salzburg beer speciality. Boasts an unrivalled, well rounded, balanced and wonderfully thirst-quenching flavour. Mildly hopped with a typical refreshing beer bouquet, golden colour, a magnificent fine head and pleasant aftertaste.

Stiegl goes particularly well with poultry, roasted meats and many other traditional dishes.

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  1. Go to Kitzbühel

    Sensational lager, perfect to drink at home and think about singing, dancing and drinking in the Austrian Alps. Crisp, clean taste: don’t hesitate, just buy a case.

  2. Joanna Kirkby

    Didn’t have very high expectations of this to be honest. I’m not that keen on German lager and thought it would leave that horrible tang in the mouth. How wrong was I. This Austrian lager went down lovely, was gutted I only ordered two. Very tasty with very little aftertaste. A real gem. I’ve tried the eggenburg pills which is ok but this is amazing.

  3. Steve Hawkins

    Slightly peppery essence. Fairly bold flavour. A strong brief kick, which quells very quickly. The finish is peppery again, with a great mild bite. Really enjoyable.

  4. Stephan Richards

    Cracking beer. As at home being quaffed at a barbecue as at an Apres Ski bar. Clean and crisp with a bit of a kick. Good stuff indeed!

  5. Allan

    Retro labelling is a huge plus point for this Salzburg lager, just a little bit fizzy for a really good beer. Best Austrian effort though it is not a patch on it’s German counterparts.

  6. Sam Humphreys

    Lovely beer, best one I’ve had so far from this site. Easy to drink, with a strong, clean taste. Will definitely order again.

  7. Alan Flavelle

    Really underrated beer. German stuff always gets spoken of really highly but the flavour in this one is brilliant. Just as good as any Munich one. The weisse is brilliant too but very rarely in stock

  8. Phil D

    Pleasantly surprised with this beer. Not out of the world but nice enough taste to it leaving me wanting more of the same!

  9. Jim

    Very good beer. Highly recommended. Easy to drink and very moreish

  10. Chris H

    An easy drinking clear, crisp pils with well balanced citrus notes. Light, golden colour with a good head. Would buy again.

  11. Richard

    A solid performer that never disappoints. A nice, clean , smooth lager with a dry finish. Worth a punt.

  12. Aidan Turton

    Refreshing, easy to drink, Shame the bottle isn’t bigger.

  13. John H

    These dudes have been brewing beer since forever and it shows in this stupendous beer it could only be improved by coming in the 500ml bottle but don’t let that put you off .

  14. Laura Scotland

    Easy drinking, solid beer. Would definitely buy again.

  15. Bev Timms

    We love this beer…discovered it while holidaying in Austria and we were delighted when we returned home to find it here. Ok the view while drinking it isn’t as amazing but the taste is just as good. 🍻

  16. King Ding a ling

    This is the best lager I’ve ever had. Worth every penny. If you can get it on draught anywhere I recommend it but it’s just as good from the bottle. If you like a stronger lager, this is the one for you

  17. Graham West

    As regular visitors to Austria, Steigl is always the beer we’d take back from the Supermarkt . It’s just as good from the bottle as draught. Fantastic to find it here with Beers of Europe!

  18. Alan Hastings

    Never been to Austria but if I did I’d definitely be on the look out for this as it was very crisp and fresh tasting during and after.

  19. DSK

    Maybe I’m too fussy, but any beer with a twist-top cap immediately lowers my estimation as to what might be inside the bottle. This also seems to be one of those brands which pop up in “Beers of the World” gift cases, those novelty collections of random beers flogged during the holidays. However, I find it to a bit lacking when compared to the depth and flavour of its German cousins. It’s drinkable, but not remarkable.

  20. AL

    Very nice lager, one of my regulars I purchase from this site. Clean, crisp and easy drinking beer, plus I love the label! Just wish they did a 500ml bottle.

  21. Nick Bremner

    Brewed in the historic Austrian city of Salzburg this is a beer of exceptional quality. It is a pale amber colour and has a fine head. At 5% it is at the top end of the ‘session beer’ scale but is very refreshing. Like most Austrian beers of this type there is no secondary fermentation in the bottle so there is no sediment.

  22. Colin A

    Ok it’s not the most exciting beer in the world but it’s a good example of a European session beer. perfectly drinkable and even better on a lovely hot day. not packed full of flavour but very refreshing.

  23. Harry Moore

    A very smooth Austrian bier. Well rounded with not too much of hoppy overtone and very smooth to drink. Competes with the best German biers.

  24. Paul Boniface

    A good session beer, clean and crisp. Drank it a lot in Salzburg, so glad to find it again

  25. Matthew Waterhouse

    Clear gold, small white head, minimal retention. Aroma of grains and sweet malt element, some light flora; fairly fresh, nothing exciting but its decent for a pale lager. This follows through to taste, quite an honest graininess but a sweetness to balance. Minor floral to grassy hops. Mild bitter edge in finish. Its a good lager.

  26. Mike Collins

    I did the brewery tour many years back and have had a Stiegl glass and t-shirt sitting around, because it’s been impossible to get this beer in the UK, via any shops. I was over the moon to see that BoE sell it and – obviously – bought some!
    A great, crisp, clean beer, even if you don’t have the branded glass!

  27. Ian

    Had this on a holiday years ago, so I may be blinded by nostalgia. The beer is exactly as I remember it, light, crisp and fresh.

  28. Ian Whitehouse

    Stiegl…. Austria’s finest…. Well Salzburgerland anyway 😁 No tasting notes from me 🤷🏻‍♂️ I couldn’t do them better than the BoE guys anyway. So on a more practical note there’s good news and bad news 😉 the bad news is this comes in 330ml bottles, which is is way too small for this amazing Goldbrau (personally I can drink it like pop 😳). So be prepared for many trips to the fridge or taking them 2 at a time. The good news is, at least in the case of the bottles I received, that they are actually twist caps. So there is some compensation in a slightly reduced time from bottle to glass 😂
    Joking aside, also a fine sponsor of Austrian winter sports, and the perfect accompaniment to watching the upcoming ski races in the Tyrol on TV..

  29. J Ellis

    Wow! Simply one of the best beers I have tried yet! Will be buying more!


    This is my favourite beer. It’s crisp and clean but at a decent % ABV that you can drink all day. If you’re a lager drinker in UK you need to try this. You will love it.

  31. Harry Watson

    Certainly very drinkable ,nice and smooth a typical German style lager.

  32. Michael Wallis

    My favourite offering from the Stiegl brewery. A clean, light, crisp lager that pours a nice golden yellow colour with a sweet malty taste.

  33. Ryan Winson

    Likely my favourite beer, absolutely love it. Such a classic.

  34. Ian Schofield

    Found this beer on a trip to Austria pre-covid and have been trying to find it back in the UK since so very pleased to find Beers of Europe on a drive up the A10 from Essex to north Norfolk and even more pleased to find they had it on their shelves.
    Very light and refreshing, perfect for a hot summer’s day, which we are finally enjoying.