Westmalle Dubbel 750ml
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Westmalle Dubbel 750ml

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Westmalle Dubbel beer is a dark reddish brown, the nachgart in the bottle. The cream-colored foam collar smells of special malt and leaves a nice pattern in the glass. The flavor is rich and complex, spicy and fruity with a bitter-fresh finish. It is a balanced quality beer with a soft mouth feel and a long, dry finish. The Dubbel contains 7% alcohol.

Since 1856 the monks brew beer next to the table still a dark Trappist beer. From 1926to adapt the recipe and brew the beer a little richer. This is the origin of today's Dubbel.

The bottle with 33 cl are individually packaged in boxes of six or offered with 24 bottles. Westmalle Dubbel is also the only dark Trappist beer that is drawn in around 300 carefully selected barrels from catering establishments with 30 and 50 liters. Because this living in the barrels of beer a little differently developed, it gets a different, sweeter taste than a Dubbel from a bottle.
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