Warres Otima 10 Port
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Warres Otima 10 Port

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Warres has established itself as one of the most forward thinking port producers, balancing its long tradition with total dedication to premium quality and successful innovation.

Warres launch of Otima 10 (& 20 Year Old Tawny) caused a revolution in port that introduced a completely new concept to consumers, helping to rejuvenate ports image in the main markets. Otima is now widely acknowledged as the most successful new development in the port trade for over 25 years.

The merit of Otima was to show ports versatility as an all year round, anytime drink, appealing to both women and men, dispelling many of the myths attached to port. The clean, modern design was matched by an excellent wine that has been winning gold and silver medals at the worlds leading blind tasting competitions year after year, leaving no doubt that the quality of the wine is on par with the outstanding, award-winning packaging.


Otima 10 is a superb, light and beautifully balanced Ten Year Old Tawny Port that is clearly different with a striking ultra-modern package designed to appeal to a new, younger generation of port enthusiasts.


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