Thurn and Taxis Weissbier
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Thurn and Taxis Weissbier

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Bought by Paulaner in 1996, Thurn and Taxis is a Munich brewery born from the Thurn and Taxis family. The family is famous in Germany for the creation of the countries postal service, which has even inspired a Thurn and Taxis board game where you make your own post routes, crazy. Choosing their beer over their board game is probably the right choice in the meantime so as a reward we will tell you a bit about the beer.


The Thurn and Taxis Weissbier is an orange-yellow in appearance, with a wheat haze from the yeast and a long lasting off white head. The wheat is first to fill the nose followed by the fruits, banana the most obvious. The palate picks up light spice, including coriander as well as the wheat and banana notes again. It has a dry finish to round off a refreshing and easy drinking beer.
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