A H Riise Family Reserve Solera 1838 Rum

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  • West Indies
  • A.H.Riise
  • Rum
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  • Golden
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  • 42
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  • 700ml
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A.H. Riise Family Reserva Solero 1838 is a cask aged rum that has been aged in A.H. Riise's deep and cool rum cellars. It uses the very best from their portfolio of oldest and highest quality casks. 


This cask-aged rum is aged in A.H. Riise’s deep, cool rum cellars. A.H. Riise Family Reserve Solera 1838 Rum draws on the very best from the portfolio of A.H. Riise’s oldest and highest quality casks. Once the aged vintage rums have been combined, they are then re-casked using the solera method, a system of ageing often 5-6 layers of barrels high and a number across, forming a pyramid. The youngest rum is placed at the top, is tapped into the older rows before and each time a row fills, the blends taps down into the row beneath.  This process continues until all the barrels are filled. The bottom row, the solera row, therefore has a small amount of every vintage in it.  


The result is a dark golden rum with dark spice, a hint of smoke, unami and orange peel on the nose.  On the palate, an initial fruit candy flavour is followed by stronger notes of light leather and cardamom. Finishes with hints of lemon, vanilla cream and sprinkled cinnamon. 


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