Leopolds Rocky Mountain Blackberry Flavoured Whiskey

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  • USA
  • Leopolds
  • Liqueur
Sub Style:
  • Fruit
  • 40%
Bottle Size:
  • 750ml
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Our flavoured whiskies are made from all-natural ingredients. We simply take our whiskey, blend it with freshly juiced fruit, and finish it in used bourbon barrels before hand bottling and labelling each bottle.

The most important step, and the step that no other whiskey distiller takes, is that we age the whiskey together with the added fruit juice in used bourbon barrels.

We do this for several reasons. Aging adds barrel flavours to the complexity of the Blackberry whiskey, adding vanilla, toffee, and brown sugar to the finish.But most importantly, the wood of the barrels “breathe,” allowing oxygen in. This oxidizes the blackberries, yielding complex flavour compounds like currants, raisins, and candied fruit.

Once the whiskey has aged, we hand fill and label each bottle. Each numbered batch represents a single barrel. (If this were scotch, it would be called “single-single,” which means that it was bottled from a single barrel from a single distillery.) Since each barrel will produce a slightly different flavour, each barrel is unique. Thus, our Blackberry Whiskey is perfect for those whiskey lovers who are yearning to try something new and for those on the look-out for something different.

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