DH Krahn Gin

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  • USA
  • Gin
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  • Plain
  • 40%
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  • 700ml
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At the heart of DH Krahn’s unique flavour is the choice assortment of the freshest, highest quality botanical and spice infusions. All gins use botanicals for flavour. We use fewer and finer, concentrating on the quality and freshness of each ingredient and on combining them in precise and careful measure, to create a crisper and cleaner flavour than any other gin.

Italian juniper berries – the distinctive ingredient in all gins. DH Krahn uses only the finest berries from Italy, in smaller amounts than other gins, for a lighter shading of their characteristic taste of lavender, camphor and pine.

Moroccan coriander seed – a dash of citrus and pepper. Coriander oil released during distillation provides a fresh spicy ginger, sage and lemon overtone.

Florida orange – citrus oil from the peels of premium oranges offers shading of soft, warm, rounded depth.

California lemon – the light, sharp tang of lemon zest oil contributes a clean, invigorating freshness.

California grapefruit – bright and sweet, the oil from grapefruit peel adds an almost euphoric aroma.

Thai ginger – pungent and aromatic notes with a musty, earthy quality perfectly compliment the tang of the citrus ingredients.

We hand craft DH Krahn is small batches using a special, secret process that gets the best from these botanicals. Our maceration process allows more of the oils and essences to bind with the spirit, maximising the flavour infusion, which our co-distillation process protects and preserves their fragile aromas and delicate tastes so you can savour their sensations in every sip of DH Krahn.

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