Ogilvy Vodka

Ogilvy Vodka
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When it comes to vodka there aren’t many that truly surprise you. With Ogilvy, the reality is that anything can surprise you, even the name. To be honest, we were expecting to be writing about another Russian vodka that claims it is transforming the vodka industry but this, this is Scottish. Not normally known for their vodka, this small Scottish distillery focuses on quality over quantity, producing small batch vodka literally a short tractor ride from where the potatoes are grown on their own farm.

Scotland’s first potato vodka is located down the road from Glamis Castle, it is a creamy vodka that excels in being both sweet as well as smooth. The advantage of being a classic neutral spirit is that it can be enjoyed both on its own or as a mixer for cocktails. Gluten-free, versatile and a great choice for those bored to death of bog-standard vodkas.

Surprisingly aromatic for a neutral spirit, it has notes of apricots, citrus and walnuts on the nose, while the palate enjoys the warmth of the vodka. The flavour is that of a sweet creamy character with toffee and grass notes. Clean, well balanced and a rich earthy finish makes this stand out from the rest.

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