Johnnie Walker Blue Label 700ml

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  • United Kingdom
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  • 700ml
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Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky is the distillery’s masterpiece. This rare whisky is one of the globes most well-known, high quality spirits and is produced using the very best old aged malts and some of Scotland’s finest hand selected casks of rare whiskies.

One of the main components of Blue Label is Royal Lochnagar, a rare malt that is distilled near Balmoral and added to about 15 other mature and rare whiskies. This combination creates the perfection that is Blue Label.

This amazing whisky gives you the aroma of oak, dried fruit and spices to name just a few. The flavour consists of toffee and, chocolate along with a hit of malt. There’s a good mix of these aromas and flavours until the end with the added element of smoke. This is definitely one to try if you get the chance as you won’t appreciate the effort that has gone into making it until it hits your lips.

Johnnie Walker recommend having Blue Label served into a tumbler glass (with no ice), along with a glass of chilled water on the side and then alternate between sips to allow you to get the taste each time you drink.

Over the years Johnnie Walker Blue Label has achieved much including many world famous awards, including six Le Monde Selection Grand Golds and three Double Golds at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

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