Fifty Pounds Gin

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  • United Kingdom
  • Gin
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  • Plain
  • 43.5%
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  • 700ml
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Key to this centuries-old recipe is in the combination of the grain spirit, distilled four times to guarantee its purity, with the perfect proportion of botanicals used in each distillation.

The botanicals, from four different continents, have been bespoke-selected by the plant expert, depending on the season, always choosing the highest quality plants at all times, from wherever they are sourced.

Some of the botanicals used in the fabrication of Fifty Pounds:

Juniper Berries - from the hills of Croatia. Juniper, the principal ingredient in the fabrication of gin, imparts an aroma with traces of pine.

Coriander Seed- from the Middle East. The seeds accentuate the exotic flavours, spicy hints, citric elements and freshness.

Grains of Paradise - from the Gulf of Guinea, Eastern Africa. A rare, hard to source variety, imparting subtle, peppery flavour with hints of lavender.

Savory - from the South of France, with a delicate aroma & traces of mint, affording extra freshness.

Orange and Lemon Peel - from the East of Spain and Southern Spain respectively, creating a subtle balance between the citric aromas and flavours, enhancing the gin’s superb dryness.

Liquorice - from Calabria, southern Italy, giving the spirit its delicate, woody and bitter notes.

Angelica Root - from Western Europe, which homogenises the flavour of the remaining botanicals, giving the gin a delicate earthiness on the palate.

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