Amarula Cream

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  • South Africa
  • Liqueur
Sub Style:
  • Fruit
  • 17%
Bottle Size:
  • 700ml
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Amarula Cream Liqueur is a South African drink that takes over two years to be produced and contains one of Africa's botanical treasures, the marula fruit. The marula fruit is Amarula’s most important ingredient and is picked by hand and helps give Amarula Cream its brilliant flavours and smooth and rich mouthfeel.

Marula is grown on rare trees sub-equatorial Africa and are only picked by hand when they are ripe and yellow. After picking the fruit is mashed which helps with shipping it the 1240 miles to Stellenbosch, where it is stored in their cellar. From this cellar the creation of Amarula Cream begins. It is first made into wine, following which it is double distilled and left to age for two years in oak barrels and then mixed with fresh cream.

The result is Amarula Cream Liqueur, with an elegant mix that gives the distinctive flavours from the marula fruit with chocolate, caramel and tones of butterscotch.

Our recommendation is that this cream liqueur is best served either neat or over ice.

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