Punt E Mes

Punt E Mes
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  • Italy
  • Vermouth and Aperitifs
Bottle Size:
  • 750ml
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Punt e Mes is a legend by its own. It has been said that back in 1870 a stock exchange agent caught up in a debate with some colleagues at Bottega Carpano, asked for the vermouth laced with half -dose of china, after the Piedmontese expression “Punt e Mes”.

The peculiar origin of the new name was soon enhanced by a curious habit introduced by Carpano regular customers: to ask for Punt e Mes with a simple signal.
It consisted in simply signalling the waiter with the raised thumb up (one Punt) and a clean, horizontal line in the air with the hand open (a Mes). The outcome… an immediate drink of Punt e Mes.

Punt e Mes has a golden orange colour with topaz tones and aromas reminiscent of herbs, with hints of china, toffee and cloves. Pleasantly soft in taste, marked by captivating accents of zesty orange.

Excellent served straight with orange peel, perfect as a base for cocktails.

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