Jameson Black Barrel

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  • Ireland
  • Jameson
  • Whisky
  • 40%
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  • 700ml
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Great whiskeys don’t just happen by chance. Years of experience and consummate skill go into the precise selection of whiskeys used in Jameson Black Barrel. The Jameson Masters carefully select a high proportion of single Irish pot still whiskey and a rate small batch grain whiskey, all matured in flame charred bourbon barrels and toasted sherry casks.

The trademark Jameson notes of toasted wood and spice develop while the rich pot still whiskey matures in the dark, aromatic warehouses of our single distillery. The rare, sweet grain whiskey – not found in any other Jameson Whiskey – is triple distilled in small batch quantities on just one occasion each year. The result is an extremely rich and luxurious taste experience, combining spice and exotic fruits. We think you will agree it is a selection well made.

Rich and full on the nose, developing into the succulent sweetness of exotic fruits like nectarines, apricot and papaya. A burst of flavours combine to produce a creamy, luxurious taste experience. The special fruity sweetness from the grain remains consistent, while the waves of vanilla, toasted wood and spices roll through from the pot still whiskey and flame charred barrels. An incredibly long finish with fruit and wood spices lingering in perfect proportion, delivering an extremely rich and luxurious taste experience.

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