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Spanish Brandy & Cognac

Spanish Brandy

Spanish brandy is considered to be of such high quality that many people compare it to cognac, even though there are many differences including its sweetness, guidelines to which is made as well as the ageing and distilling method. It should also be noted many more Spanish natives drink Spanish brandy when compared to how many French drink cognac.

The large production of Spainish brandy started back in the 1500s when the popularity of brandy started to come alive. Since then, production of brandy has continued to grow. If you skip to today’s Spanish brandy production you will find that almost all of it is made in the Jerez region which also goes under the name Brandy de Jerez.

What makes Brandy from Brandy de Jerez so special is the sweet fruit tones that are imparted by the aging process in sherry casks, as well as the use of fruit flavoured concentrates and oak essence.

There are three categories for Spanish brandy:

1. Solera brandy, which is aged for at least six months at which point is comes out as light and pale.

2. Reserva brandy, which is aged for at least a year at which point it comes out as a darker brandy that is more complex.

3. Gran Reserva brandy, which is aged for at least three years. It is said that the very best ones are left to age for at least 12 to 15 years. Gran Reserva brandy comes out dark in colour with a rich and vastly complex taste.

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