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Portugese Wine

Portuguese Wine

Portuguese wine has a lot to offer, thanks to the large variety of grapes Portugal has to offer. The warmer climate sees Portugal’s vines achieving excellent growth, allowing wine makers to produce fantastic tasting products. Of course, the Portuguese are best known for their port wines coming out of the Port region but you should never forget about the other regions that produce some great flavourful and tasty wines.

For a good while the Portuguese wine industry has been very much on its own, which has led to many of their grape varieties being unknown to the outside world. Therefore if you come across a Portuguese wine with a grape you don’t know it’s a great thing as you are about to taste something new and unique.

History of Portuguese Wine

Wine production in Portugal has its origins during the Roman Empire when they used to export wine to Rome. Before the Romans came to the area and increased wine production in the region, the main drink for locals was “Zhytos”, which was a type of beer while the wine they did produce was rarely used.

Much later, in 1703, Portugal came to an agreement with the English via the Methuen Treaty allowing them export wine to England. During this time and with exports on the up, the Portuguese were able to produce a variety of wines.

Unsure of the Portuguese words and their meanings when it comes to wine? Here’s a handy list to help:

Main Wine Words

-Vinho (wine)

-Adega (winery)

-Quinta (vineyard)

-Casta (grape variety)

-Colheita (vintage year)

-Reserva (wine of a single vintage)

--Wine Types

-Branco (white)

-Tinto (red)

-Seco (dry)

-Doce (sweet)

-Espumante (sparkling wine)

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