Poppyland Brewery

Poppyland Brewery

Poppyland Brewery is a small brewery business that is based in Cromer, Norfolk in a converted motor garage.

Poppyland Beers might have only been around a few years but it already a reputation of doing things differently. Their main aim, like many breweries, is to create brilliant ales that are nothing like the common beers you find in the supermarkets or your local pub. To accomplish this aim they use only the best ingredients and techniques they can find, which allows them to see what can really be done with beer. Their products usually have strong links to the breweries local history and environment, where often they would use local wild and cultivated ingredients. If the ingredients can’t be found locally they are bought in from around the world.

The great thing about Poppyland Beers is the facts that they are brewed in small batches and each batch is different, meaning that that Poppyland Brewery are always creating new flavours. Due to these small batches people should be aware that stocks soon run out so if you try one and like it, make sure you get it before it’s gone. These hand crafted beers could be anything from bottled saisons and IPAs to porters and fruit beers. Poppyland beers are definitely something you should try if you can get your hands on them.

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