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Polish Wine

Polish Wine

Wine is an emerging industry in Poland.  Not much work is being done yet in terms of exporting the wine.  However, it is now slowly starting to grow.  Growing grapes in Poland isn’t very easy, mainly because it is quite a cold country.  However, the south and the east know slightly warmer and dryer climates, where grape production is now starting to really take hold.

Poland has always been known for producing vodka, particularly when it was still behind the iron curtain.  Vodka is made from rye, potato and other grains, which create straight vodkas but also flavoured vodkas.  One of the most popular flavoured vodkas is the bison grass one, which contains coumarone.  However, many countries believe this to be a blood thinner, which is why Poland is unable to export any of its flavoured vodkas.  Hence, it has been vital for the country to start to look into other drinks, and wine seems to have taken precedence.

Wine Production
At present, there are only six wineries in Poland that are registered to sell wines.  National wine laws were brought into force in 2009 and only the following eight wineries met the requirements:

    Winnica Jaworek
    Adoria Vineyards
    Winnica Plochockich
    Winnica Maria Anna
    Winnica Milosz
    Winnica Stara Winna Gora
    Winnic Wzgora Trzebnickie

    However, there is a very lively scene amongst amateur viticulture and wineries, particularly near Zielona Gora.  This same scene is starting to emerge around Krakow, Wroclaw, Kazimierz Dolny and Podkarpacie as well.  Even in the north of Poland, where the climate is actually very wrong for the growth of grapes, wineries are starting to emerge.

    It is actually expected that the wine culture in Poland may start to grow.  The eight wineries are making serious efforts towards producing some really good quality wines, and it often takes but one famous or influential person to recognise something for it to be suddenly shot to stardom.  Take, for instance, Madeira wines, that are adored all over the world, mainly because people like Thomas Jefferson and Winston Churchill had a penchant for the wines.  Now that the iron curtain is down and the borders are opening, there is a strong possibility that Polish wines will gain in popularity quite rapidly.  The wineries in Poland are certainly preparing for such possibilities, ensuring they stick to all the various laws and rules that allow them to export their wines outside of Poland.

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