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Polish Beer

In Poland drinking is a communal affair. Whether you are attending a special event like wedding or simply popping over to your family friend’s house for dinner, it is likely that there will be a crate of beers or two involved. People from Poland are often said to be able to handle their drink, which is a good job since some of their beers range up to whopping 9.5%!

Polish drinking traditions
In Poland it is customary to drink with a group of people. At dinner parties and celebrations they will often sing traditional beer drinking songs. This is popular in many European countries, with each having their own song. In Poland the beer drinking song has quite strong, yet somewhat comical lyrics which tell people to join in drinking or they will be hit with a big stick!

Polish beer brewing
Despite the fact the brewing industry has existed in Poland since the Middle Ages, in previous years it was almost impossible to find a Polish pub with draught beer. Today this is a much different story, with most pubs having a variety of beers on tap, as well as bottled alternatives. Although vodka has always been considered the traditional alcoholic beverage, Poland also produces a fantastic selection of beers ranging from 2.5 to 9%. Most tend to be pale lagers, which are popular with the locals, as well as in other countries around the world.

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