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Pelforth (Heineken)

France’s Pelforth brewery is renowned for its strong speciality beers in their homeland and sought after across the seas.

Pelforth brewery was brought to life in Northern France in Lille in 1914. The company was originally named Pelican after a popular dance of the era before changing its name in 1972. ‘Forte’, meaning strong in French, was added to the name before being changed to ‘forth’ for more of an international appeal. But despite the name change, a Pelican remains as a staple of the brand image and adorns the label of every Pelforth bottle today.

The first, classic Pelforth ale was brewed in the early 1930s using two malt variants and English yeast. The bottom-fermented beer was made in a bid to be like traditional English ales, but throughout its history Pelforth has developed its own strong identity and become one of France’s most loved and widely drank beers.

Now the range features other great options such as the Pelforth Blonde (5.8%) , a pale beer which boasts refreshingly clean and malty, thirst-quenching taste. Whilst Brune (6.5%), the darker beer in the Pelforth armoury, is a mahogany ale with aromas of spices and a sweet caramel and roasted malt making up its full bodied taste.

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