Parkers Heritage Collection Bourbon
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Parkers Heritage Collection Bourbon

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Parker's Heritage collection is a series of rare, limited edition American whiskeys offered as a tribute to sixth-generation Master Distiller Parker Beam for his 45+ years of distilling experience.

This series tempts the growing number of straight American whiskey enthusiasts with something that only Heaven Hill could offer—a chance to sample these choice barrels that represent every major style of American Whiskey.



As the only remaining national distiller that produces bourbon, rye, corn and wheat whiskeys, Heaven Hill will continue to release various super-premium styles under Parker's Heritage Collection.

Parker has been practising his family craft of distilling, aging and selecting some of the world's most critically acclaimed bourbons and American whiskeys since he began working alongside his father at Heaven Hill Distilleries in 1950.

The first edition launched in 2007 - hand-selected by Parker himself from Heaven Hill's selection of over 700,000 barrels - aged in oak barrels since 1996 and was drawn from the barrels at cask strength proof. The edition is completely sold out.

The barrels for the second edition were entered into oak in 1981 - an astounding age for American Whiskeys. The whiskey was selected from the lower floors of one of Parker's favourite Rickhouses. There, the more constant temperatures tamed the aging process, yielding a rich, 27-year-old bourbon that defies its age.

The third edition will honour Parker's Golden Anniversary. Parker hand-selected barrels of Bourbon from each decade of his illustrious career and married them together.



The undeniable smooth taste of this small batch bourbon is a true representation of its namesake and while this brand, Parker's Heritage Collection, is a tribute to him, this specific edition celebrates his 50 years of bourbon making.
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