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Palm 250ml

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Having been destroyed in the First World War, De Hoorn brewery could not afford to produce the bottom fermenting lagers it would need to invest in to meet the rising popularity in the style, and therefore  continued brewing the top fermenting ales it had been brewing for centuries prior to the war, out of necessity rather than choice. In 1929, their signature brew ‘Speciale Belge’ changed its name to ‘Speciale Palm’, in order to celebrate its superiority over lagers.

Over the course of the 20th century, the popularity of Palm grew massively and De Hoorn changed its name to Palm Breweries. The beer itself is an amber coloured beverage and use mellow malts for honey and caramel tones. The hops used are actually from Kent and help to balance the brew. It uses specially selected yeast to infuse fruit, especially banana, into Palm. At 5.2% it is a very easy session ale perfect for socialising.

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