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Live Beer Tasting with Meteor Brewery and Real Ale Craft Beer on YouTube

Exciting news for all beer enthusiasts! Beers of Europe is hosting a live YouTube interview with Simon from The Real Ale Craft Man YouTube channel and renowned French Brewery Meteor. This interactive event will take place at 7 pm on 18th July showcasing the exclusive Meteor Mixed Pack, available only in the UK through Beers of Europe and you can buy to drink along.

What’s Happening?

During the live interview, you’ll get insights into Meteor Brewery, their brewing process, and the opportunity to hear firsthand stories behind their fantastic beers. Our interviewer is none other than Simon from The Real Ale Craft Beer YouTube channel! Simon is best known for his in depth, entertaining reviews for beer lovers worldwide, reviewing stouts to IPAs and everything in between. This fantastic Live event will be taking place in his very own virtual pub, The Stoned Crow Join us here>>

Drink Along with the Pros

To fully immerse yourself in the virtual pub experience and to make the most of this unique live event, we highly recommend purchasing the Meteor Mix Pack beforehand. This way, you can taste along with Simon and the Meteor team as they discuss each beer in detail. Your very own brewery tasting from the comfort of your home! It’s a unique opportunity to try these excellent brews and engage with the brewery directly.

Discover the Exclusive Meteor Mix Pack

Are you always on the hunt for the next best brew? Always looking for something new and exclusive? Look no further! Beers of Europe is thrilled to present the exclusive Meteor Mix Pack, a carefully curated selection from the historic Meteor Brewery in France. This pack is available only in the UK through Beers of Europe and offers a unique opportunity to experience the diverse and rich flavours of French brewing. Included in the pack is a FREE glass and FREE delivery.

What’s Inside the Meteor Mix Pack?

The Meteor Mix Pack brings together four distinct beers, each representing the best of Meteor Brewery’s storied tradition and innovation. Here’s a closer look at each beer:

1 x Branded Meteor Glass

4 x Meteor Lager: A timeless classic from the heart of Alsace. This golden brew boasts a smooth texture, balanced hop bitterness, and a clean finish, delivering pure satisfaction in every sip.

3 x Meteor Pils: A crisp and refreshing brew that embodies the essence of traditional Pilsners. Delight in its golden hue, subtle malt sweetness, and satisfyingly hoppy bite.

3 x Meteor Blanche: A delightful wheat beer that offers a refreshing and slightly fruity taste. Brewed with a blend of wheat and barley, it is the perfect thirst-quenching white beer.

1 x Meteor Sans Alcool: A superb alcohol-free blonde beer experience. With its captivating golden hue and delicate foam crown, this brew boasts fine balance, brewed from pure malt, featuring a subtle bitterness complemented by hints of honey.

How to Get Your Meteor Mix Pack

The Meteor Mix Pack is available exclusively in the UK through Beers of Europe. Make sure to order your pack in advance to ensure it arrives in time for the live interview. Visit today to secure your Meteor Mix Pack and for this special event, we are offering FREE delivery!

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to taste some of the best beers from Meteor Brewery and join the conversation live on YouTube. Cheers to great beer and even better company!

Thursday 18th July 7 pm Join us here>>