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How to find the perfect beer for your BBQ dish

How to find the perfect beer for your BBQ dish - You’ve fired up the BBQ and chosen your favourite cuts of meat, with flavoursome marinades to match. But have you given any thought to the beer to complement your BBQ? Or have you just grabbed whatever is on offer in your local supermarket?

Easter Opening Times

Beers of Europe Easter Opening Times Online Click & Collect General Phone Enquiries (Beer Shop Is Still Shut Due To Refurbishment) Good Friday 2nd April : 10am - 4pm Saturday 3rd April : 9am - 6pm Easter Sunday 4th April SHUT Easter Monday 5th April : 10am - 4pm

Update Regarding German and Belgian Beer

Important Update regarding German and Belgian beers. As many of you know, we are currently experiencing shortages of our German and Belgian beers. We have stock on order but unfortunately, it has been delayed due to transport issues in and out of Europe. Many hauliers are experiencing a lack of driver and lorry availability.

10 Organic Beers To Try

10 Organic Beers To Try During Organic September 2020 To help you make the most of it, we’ve put together a guide to organic beer. Discover what organic means, why to choose organic beer and explore our selection of 10 fantastic organic beers to try this September.

American Craft Beer and Super Bowl Sunday!

American Craft Beer and Super Bowl Sunday! The Super Bowl takes place this Sunday and what better way to celebrate than with an American craft beer!  As America’s most iconic sporting spectacle, the Super Bowl will decide the champion for the NFL’s 2019 and 100th season and takes place between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs in Miami Gardens, Florida at 11.30pm UK time. Around 100 million Americans, that’s approximately one in three, are expected to tune in to watch the game and UK fans can also enjoy the game live for free on BBC1, BBC iPlayer or  Sky Sports.  Broadcast in more than 170 countries, the Super Bowl is one of the most watched sporting events in the world and a l...

Does Beer Pair With Vegetarian Food?

Does Beer Pair With Veggie-Food? You Bet It Does! Think of American craft beer and food pairing and what comes to mind….let me guess?  Burgers, ribs, sausages and steak?  With vegan and vegetarianism on the rise, it’s time to cast aside those meaty overlords and look at how American craft beer can transform vegetables and vegetarian cuisine! Beer’s flavour spectrum contains a myriad of possibilities that make it the perfect partner for plant-based and veggie dishes.  When experimenting with your own ideas remember the golden rule of matching the intensity of the beer (derived from acidity, alcohol, bitterness, carbonation and residual sugars) with the intensity of the food (acidity, bitterness,...

Why Choose Independent Beer?

Craft v Crafty – Why Choose Independent Beer? Have you ever stopped to think exactly who makes your beer or where it comes from?  Do you even care? Over in the States, beer drinkers care passionately about who makes their beer.  They travel miles for a new release from a high profile brewery, queue for hours and are often restricted to only two bottles per person when they get there!  That’s dedication for you! In a recent survey, 53% of beer lovers in the States said that independent ownership is important to them when purchasing beer and transparency of ownership is a key issue. But, here’s the rub….having noticed the dynamic growth of the craft beer sector in recent years multinational...

The Best Low Alcohol Beer

Low alcohol beer  Whether you’re on a diet or you want to lower your alcohol intake, low alcohol beer definitely has its advantages. But how low is low, and what important things should you know about the amount of alcohol in so-called light beers? We’ll explore these topics and more in the following post. What exactly is low alcohol beer?  Put simply, low alcohol beer does what it says on the tin: it’s a beer that has a very low alcohol content. The idea is that the best low alcohol beer still tastes as delicious as a normal beer, only with a significant reduction in its ability to inebriate the drinker. Low alcohol beers like this are ideal for designated drivers who don’t want to be over the lim...

What Is The Strongest Beer In The World

What Is The Strongest Beer In The World What’s the strongest beer in the world? That’s the question on everyone’s lips these days, and with new beers springing up on the market all the time, it’s not always easy to answer. The strongest beer in the UK, for example, might be world’s apart from the strongest Belgian beer and what’s strong one year could be considered weak the next. So what’s strong these days, and are strong beers even tasty? We’ll examine all of these issues and more in the following post.  The strongest beer in the world  The race to produce the strongest beer has been running for quite some time, with breweries all over the world clamoring to win the st...

Alcohol Percentage In Beer: A Simple Guide

Alcohol percentage in beer How much alcohol is in your beer? The answer will depend on what brand and type of brew you're drinking. Typically, you'll find that your beer alcohol content is labelled on the can or bottle you’re drinking from, or else you’ll see it displayed on the tap at the bar. But what does this percentage really mean, and does it matter? In this article we'll walk you through everything you need to know about the alcohol in your beer. What’s the average alcohol percentage in beer?  The first thing to know is that alcohol is measured in standard units called "alcohol by volume" (abv). This is calculated by measuring the number of millilitres of pure ethanol found in...

Calories In A Pint Of Beer

Beer calories: How Many Calories Are In My Beer?  Beer, the delicious amber nectar that we all know and love, is packed with all sorts of nutrients. And like all beverages it also contains calories, the units of energy that the body needs for fuel. If you’ve ever wondered just how many calories are in your beer, this article is for you. We’re going to tell you everything there is to know about calorie consumption and your favourite brew. The truth about beer and calories  As common wisdom would suggest, the only time you should be worried about the calories in your beer is if you’re drinking it in large amounts, or if you’re on a strict diet designed to encourage weight loss. In the latter case...