Rum | A.H.Riise

The Rise of Riise Rum! Catching up with Bjorn Jenson, Director of Sales at A.H. Riise Spirits - Q: Who are you/what do you do?   A: The company A.H. Riise Spirits ApS is a Danish producer of rum, gin, and bitters. A.H. Riise Spirits ApS buy their rum from all over the West Indies and Central America. Only the best rums are destined to be enjoyed from a glass in the far future. Depending on whether it is at navy rum, a spiced rum or the luxurious Non-Plus Ultra, the cellar master chooses the casks from which to blend the exact rum. Q: What was the inspiration for working with A.H.Riise?   A: The name and legacy are based on the name and life of Danish Pharmacist, scientist and rum maker Albert H...