Beer Reviews

Small Beer Brew Company Live on YouTube

The Real Ale Craft Man Simon meets The Team from The Small Beer Brew Company from South Bermondsey live on his YouTube Channel. They will be discussing the great taste of low alcohol beer. Join in the fun, they will be available for questions and general beer banter!

Adnams Brewery Live On YouTube

The Real Ale Craft Man Simon & Fergus Head Brewer at Adnams Brewery Southwold will be discussing live the brewery and the fantastic award-winning beer Live On YouTube, they will be available for questions and general beer banter!

Dorking Brewery Live on YouTube

Tuesday 10th November LIVE on YouTube Real Ale Craft Ale Channel The Real Ale Craft Man Simon & Dorking Brewery will be discussing the brewery, how the journey started and the ‘Seriously Good Beer’ Live On YouTube.

Anarchy In The Stoned Crow

The Real Ale Craft Man Simon & Anarchy Brew Co. owners, Dawn and Simon (Head Brewer) and Les Brewery Manager will be discussing the Anarchy Brewery live on YouTube.

Calvors VS Goliaths

Calvors Brewery VS Goliaths - Simon from Real Ale Craft YouTube and Adam from Calvors Brewery discuss how Calvors Beer Compares to the bigger brands.

The Stoned Crow Virtual Pub

Real Ale Craft Man Birthday Party Live On YouTube Friday 1st May.

Tap Room Twenty 20th Anniversary Beer

Tap Room Twenty Beer is Beers of Europe 20th Anniversary Celebration Beer.

St Bernardus ABT 12 Belgium Beer

Brewery Of The Month May - St Bernardus ABT 12, Belgium Beer   ​​​​​​ St Bernardus ABT 12 is widely regarded as one of the best Belgian beers around, but the story behind it stems from French monks, who fled taxes in Mont Des Cats, France to continue making cheese in Watou, Belgium in the early 1900s. Thirty years later, the French relaxed taxes on religious communities, so the monks moved back to France and the dairy was taken over by Evariste Deconinck, who began producing two types of cheese; Port Salut de Watou and St Bernard Watou, the latter of which would lend its name to the beer it would later produce. After the Second World War, Deconinck was approached by Trappist monks at Westvleteren to brew and market...

Bayreuther Aktien Zwick’l Kellerbier | Beer Review

Atkien Zwick’l Kellerbier is the classic beer produced by Bayreuther Bierbrauerei Brewery which is a natural, unfiltered beer with a yeasty cloudiness. Country: Germany Category: Beer Brand: Bayreuther Bierbrauerei ABV: 5.30% Bottle Size: 500ml   Click here for all Bayreuther Bierbrauerei Selection stocked at Beers Of Europe.  

Magic Rock Dark Arts Stout Beer Review

Magic Rock Dark Arts is a smooth stout that is brewed using four malts and bags of whole hops to give a decadently deep and indulgent taste experience.