Mozart Chocolate Cream White
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Mozart Chocolate Cream White

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Mozart Chocolate Cream White features aromatic vanilla, delicious caramel, fresh cream and the fruity overtones of white chocolate which blend together in every bottle to create a deliciously velvety drink with a feminine touch that is light, elegant and seductive.

Mozart White Chocolate Vanilla Cream is made exclusively from the best ingredients, which are all meticulously prepared for manufacturing. The white chocolate liqueur contains fresh cream, the finest cocoa butter, genuine Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, granulated sugar and pure sugar beet distillate.

Cocoa butter is added to skimmed fresh cream, creating a lower fat content and a longer shelf-life. Genuine Bourbon vanilla is macerated in fine beet sugar distillate. Using a cutting-edge process, the macerate is then melted together with the granulated sugar, caramel, cream and the middle cut of the distillate to create the finished product.

Best served lightly chilled, it pairs particularly well with fresh seasonal fruit.
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