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Moldovian Wine

The wine industry is a very important part of the economy of Moldova.  In fact, should the wine industry collapse, it is likely that the economy of the country will collapse as a whole.  The wine industry has always been seen as the backbone of the agriculture in the country.  Moldovan authorities keep a very close eye on the viticulture.  Some 90% to 95% of the wine produced in the country is exported, which means the treasury is highly dependent on it.

Some five years ago, Moldova had a large number of hectares cultivated for wine.  Some 95.5% of this is owned privately by Moldavians.  The wine and spirits companies have invested heavily in the various vineyards, so that the quality of the grape supply is getting higher and higher.

Moldavia is a very small country.  Its climate is continental, and the soil is incredibly fertile.  Interestingly, it is one of the few European countries that can make a truly wide variety of wines.  They make sparkling wines, still wines and spirits.  At present, there are some 40 wineries which are responsible for the production and export of bottled wines.

Globally, Moldavia is making an impact on the wine industry as well.  They were the 7th largest exporter of wine in 2005, having exported 2.3 million hectolitres of bottle wines.  Almost all of these went to CIS countries.  The industry is continuing to grow and some truly positive changes have occurred over recent years, mainly because the world’s wine market is being stimulated by various new developments.  

Now, Moldovan wines are known for their superior quality.  More and more styles are being developed so that international customers have a wider range to choose from.  At present, some 30% of the wines produced are red, against 70% whites.  There are six categories of wines to choose from, being:

    Varietal wines (Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Chateau Vartely)
    Blended wines
    Rose wines
    Sparkling wines
    Dessert wines
    Ice wines

    Moldova has won various awards for both its varietal wines and its blended wines.  In the varietal wines, the 2003 Sauvignon Blanc Lion Gri and the 2005 Clos de Gorten Chardonnay Private Reserve have won gold medals.  For the blended wines, the 2004 Amaro de la Valea Perjei and the 2005 Radicini White Blend Private Reserve have won gold medals.  Both categories have also won silver medals.  The varietal wines have also been awarded a bronze medal and the blended wines received one Trophee Prestige for the 2005 Golden Lion wine.

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