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100 years ago Pilsners, Müncheners and Viennese lagers formed a trio of major lager styles brewed in central Europe 100 years ago. Gradually the lighter Pilsners swept all before them and Vienna style beers fell into an undeserved decline.

US and Bavarian hops and coloured malts produce a deep copper coloured beer with a firm fruity caramel aroma, a smooth complex malt character and a long crisp clean finish. This beer is slow fermented and cold-matured over long periods to ensure perfect balance.

Vienna goes with bread and wheat based foods such as pizza and pasta or more mid-weight dishes like duck or noodle stir-fry.

Winner at the World Beer Awards 2007 - Word's Best Premium Lager (Vienna) and the World Beer Cup 2004 - Vienna Lager Class - Bronze Medal.
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