Meantime London Pale Ale
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Meantime London Pale Ale

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Pale Ale is nothing more than Beer made from worts extracted from the palest malt and boiled with the palest and best hops. The East Kent Hops are the best for this class of ale." - The Art of Brewing IPA and Export Ale, Stock and Mild Ales, Porter and Stout. - James Herbert - 1866

One hundred and fifty years ago the new bitter beer style, Pale Ale, was so popular that brewers had to import Californian hops to meet demand. Meantime London Pale Ale continues that tradition by combining lots of American Cascade and Centennial hops to give it a complex citrus aroma and bucketsful of local Kentish Goldings to provide the bitterness that makes the style so refreshing. Together they conspire to assail the nose with a complex, heady mix of



spearmint, grass and 'hop sack' aromas, fruity citrus flavours and a bitter finish that makes pale ale drinking a truly rewarding experience.

Pale Ale should be drunk alongside foods that either have a bit of bite, such as mature cheese, penne arrabiata, or a bitter-leaf salad, or have a bit of body, like piping hot cannelloni,steak and kidney pie, and, of course, curry.
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