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Mahou Brewery (Grupo Mahou-San Miguel - Carlsberg)

Spanish brewing giants Grupo Mahou-San Miguel are the current leading company in Spanish beer market. The brewers make 75% of Spanish beer which is shipped throughout the

world and aims to remain as the leading brewer group in the country.

However, Mahou beers were first produced as a standalone brewing company which was formed all the way back in 1890 by three siblings in Madrid. Mostly using German brewing techniques at first Mahou developed and innovated to create a taste and style that was very much Spanish in execution.

The original Mahou has been brewed the same way ever since and the makers are proud to let the recipe and quality continue to this day. It can still be tasted in the Mahou Clásica – a golden coloured lager with a distinct faint malt aroma and hints of dried herbs.

The Mahou range includes Mahou Cinco Estrellas (5.5%) which is a pale lager which was first released in 1969 by the brewery. It holds a yellow colour boasts a unique aroma and compellingly intense bold flavour that evokes a sense of Spain.

Mahou also offer Mahou Sin, formerly known as Mahou Laiker, a reduced alcohol lager with a malty sweet aroma and a subtle hint of herbs which offers the same great taste of as the rest of the Mahou range.

Shop our Mahou selection of beers which include Mahou, Mahou Clasica, and Mahou Laiker Sin and add them to your Beers of Europe basket before taking advantage of our next day UK delivery for just £7.49.

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