Luxardo Maraschino 700ml
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Luxardo Maraschino 700ml

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Founded in 1821, this Italian liqueur needs a large history to sustain its large reputation. From an original family recipe, this classic liqueur is one of only a handful of liqueurs produced by distillation. An iconic straw covered bottle contains a beverage obtained from the Marasca, which is a variety of sour cherry, cultivated exclusively by Luxardo. The then distilled mash matures for two years in Finnish ash vats before being mixed with sugar and water before bottling.

The liqueur is clear in colour, with an intense aroma of sour cherries. The palate detects both smooth and sharp notes, balanced perfectly in the well rounded taste of the sweet drink. It marries well with fruit salads as well as being consumed neat, over ice, or as a mixer.
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