Kulmbacher Edelherb
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Kulmbacher Edelherb

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Legendary Kulmbach beer. Todays beer drinkers can hardly imagine a life without the taste of beer but in the early 30s that was another story. For when the Reichel brewing family first introduced the Fine Herb in 1932, the beer connoisseur had just got used to the taste of pale lager and export beers which had previously replaced the classic dark varieties. The first beer from Kumlbach quickly won support with its fine hops and refined taste.


Kulmbacher Edelherb is pale and dry. Its special taste is thanks to the soft brewing water from pristine, crystal-clear springs of the Fichtelgebirge, the noblest malting barley from regional farmlands, handpicked hops from the Hallertau, and our legendary brewing skills.
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