Hunts Cider

Hunts Cider
In the 1800’s Nicholas Prout Hunt was doing excellent farming in Paignton area. He was also a director of Paignton Harbour Company that was involved in the construction of the harbour. It was believed that the construction would help the farmers export their hogsheads and cider and import coal. In this way, the family had long started making and selling cider at Crabbs park farm back in 1805. However, the construction of this harbour hampered the production of cider due to the fact that the town had become a popular sea side resort and increased urbanization had taken root. This was made worse by agricultural recession of the 1930’s. William Hunt came to the rescue of the brewery in 1950’s and started making cider at Yalberton, which is the current home of this enticing Hunts Cider.

How it is made
The process of making Hunts Cider starts with collecting the naturally dropped and completely ripened cider apples from centuries-old orchard. After the apples are sorted for quality, crushed and pressed, the resultant high quality juice is drained to the fermentation containers where it is left to ferment naturally using their own yeasts and sugars. The brewery does not add any artificial sugars or yeasts. This makes the drink to come out through a natural process and ingredients. The fermentation process takes around nine months after when it is filtered and left to ferment for two years. This makes the cider the most matured and superb drink that the UK samplers and others all over the world would kill to have a taste.

Different flavours
To cater for different tastes, Hunts Cider comes in three distinct quality flavours. The three flavours have been ruling the cider market all over the UK and beyond due to their characteristic richness in taste and potency. These thrilling flavours include Hunts Cider Dry, Hunts Cider Medium and Hunts Cider Sweet.

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