Hoegaarden Brewery

Hoegaarden Brewery

Hoegaarden beer has a long history with its beginnings in a village called Hoegaarden back in 1445 when the local monks were passionate about brewing.

The success of Hoegaarden comes down to importing exotic spices, allowing Hoegaarden Brewery to produce some brilliant and different beers.

Historically the first wheat beers were in fact very sour, that was until the Hoegaarden Brewery monks started to mix in orange peel and coriander which changed the game for wheat beers. This new combination for ensured the creation of the well known and loved Hoegaarden recipe. The recipe is so well loved that they actually hold approximately 90% of the wheat beer sales in Belgium.

Hoegaarden beer is shipped to many countries around the world including Europe, North America, Australia, Singapore, China and of course we sell it here at Beers of Europe.

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