Greene King Brewery

Greene King Brewery

Greene King is one of the UK’s biggest pub management businesses. Their 3,000 plus portfolio has many different properties and businesses including pubs, restaurants, hotels and of course the Greene King Brewery which they have been running for over 200 years.

They are located in in Bury St Edmunds a market town in Suffolk however you can find their pubs and Greene King beers in most cities, towns and villages throughout the UK.

Greene King’s main aim is to keep giving customers brilliant service, quality and value for money to all its pub goers and hotel guests.

Here’s a rundown of Greene King’s Growth over the years:

• 2001 saw 132 pubs from Old English Inns added to its estate

• 2004 saw the addition of 432 neighbourhood pubs from Laurel Pub Company into its portfolio

• 2005 saw the addition of Essex brewer T D Ridley & Sons Limited as well as The Belhaven Group plc (one of Scotland’s oldest and biggest regional breweries) into its portfolio

• 2006 saw the addition of Hardys & Hansons to Greene King’s growing business

• 2008 Green King spends £32.6m on buying New Century Inns Limited

• 2013 saw the 200th Hungry Horse and the 1000th Retail site, The Walls End in North Tynesid, open marking a huge achievement in Greene King business success

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