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Greek Wine

Greece has made tremendous contributions to our global civilization.  They brought mathematics, philosophy, medicine, art, literature, democracy and architecture to our world.  Not just that, they also played a really big part in introducing the globe to wine.  Wine is found in many parts of the ancient Greek culture.  Wine was a gift from Dionysus (the God of wine), and considering nobody had heard of drinking responsibly in those days yet, it was consumed regularly – in honour of the God, obviously.  The Greek symposium was a place for learned people to come and debate, and they use wine to become more inspired and to rid themselves of inebriation.

Wine and Economy
Greece is also one of the forefathers of solid processes of economy.  They brought riches into their country by exporting wine across the Mediterranean.  Around 400BC, the Greeks had standards to describe the various types of wine, what we would now call “appellations of origin”.  This allowed them to protect the quality of their wine, as well as the integrity of the industry itself.

Where it all Went Wrong
Unfortunately, war happened.  And another one, and so on.  Then the Christians came along and found all this copious amounts of wine drinking totally hedonistic.  However, interestingly enough, it was the Christian monks who saved the wine making industry from the Ottoman Empire.  Under Islamic law, the consumption of alcohol is forbidden and the taxes levied on wines would have been impossible for anybody to pay.  Interestingly, things didn’t actually get better until the second half of the 20th century, some 2,000 years later.  The last problems faced by Greece were the civil war, followed by two world wars.

Now, however, Greece is making a comeback.  They have seen how successful Cyprus is in their production of wine and they want to get in on it as well.  Greek wines are certainly delicious, particularly the dessert wines that include traces of honey.

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