Georgian Wine

You may be surprised at the debt of gratitude you have to Georgia if you are a wine lover.  It is one of the places where they say that wine production first started, some 7,000 years ago.  Others who claim the same include Bulgaria and Cyprus.  However, did you know that word wine comes from “gvino”, Georgian for wine?  And also, grape juice has been put into underground quervi (clay yars) since 4,000 BC, as archaeologists have found.

Wine and Georgian Culture
Wine plays an integral part in the culture of Georgia.  There are strong links to its religious heritage as well.  Families in Georgia often grow their own grapes to make their own wines.  Traditional banquets, a real cultural event in the country, are presided over by a toastmaster, whose sole role is to congratulate various people and events, simply to get people to drink more wine.

Grapes in Georgia
Georgia knows over 500 different kinds of grapes, the largest diversity you will find anywhere on our plant.  Some 40 of these are used in the production of commercial wines.  The climate in Georgia is perfect for viticulture, with reasonably mild summers and winters.  Plus, there are numerous natural sources of water in the valleys.  Hence, the wines in Georgia are known for their purity and amazing taste.

Georgian Wine Production
Every year, around 150 million litres of wine are produced in the country.  There are around 45,000 hectares of active vineyards as well.  18 viticulture areas have been named and the grape production is controlled by the government here.  Each hectare cannot produce more than 8 tons of grapes.
The main ones of wine production in Georgia are the Imerti, Ajaria, Abkhazia and Guria (in the West) as well as the Kartli and Kakheti (the East).  The Kakheti area produces around 70% of the wine in Georgia.

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