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French Wine

When people think about wine, they tend to think about France.  Lots of wines have French names, and it seems that you cannot even have breakfast without drinking a glass of wine.  It is certainly true that the French are tremendous wine drinkers, they even account quite a bit of their good health to wine (and quite rightly so), but it wouldn’t be fair to think France is the only wine country in the world.  It seems, however, that the French wine facts that exist are exactly what has created this notion of French being the one and only land of the wine.

French Wine Facts
On average, a French person drinks 60 litres of wine per year, more than anywhere in the world.  Some 60% of wines are red wines, 15% are whites and 25% are roses.
France is the biggest wine producing country in the world, with a production that is five times bigger as that of Australia.
One third of wine produced in France is exported.

The trade balance in France is supported strongly by wines and spirits, with only the aerospace industry beating them.  Fashion, perfume and cosmetics are third on the list.
There are 10 principle wine regions in France and the grape type determines the individual identity.  Wines’ origins and styles are guaranteed through the “Appelation controlee”.

Interestingly, some 72% of the people in France who drink wine cannot understand the labels
The wines that are produced in the North of France, such as the Alasace, generally only use a single grape in their wine.  A good example of this is the Pinot Noir.  However, in the South, various grapes are mixed for varieties, creating a Cabernet Sauvignon mixed with Merlot for instance.
The French are not the inventors of wine (that battle is currently between the Bulgarians, the Georgians and the Cypriots), but it is certainly the land of the wine.

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