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Epic Brewing Co

Epic Brewing Company is the first brewery since prohibition to brew exclusively high alcohol content beer in Utah. Self acclaimed beer geeks, David Cole and Peter Erickson founded the brewery and started brewing in 1994. Utah law meant that the two entrepreneurs couldn’t pursue their lifelong dream of opening a strong beer microbrewery until 2008. They then teamed up with the brew master that is Kevin Crompton and collectively they share a passion for brewing and tasting fine ales and lagers. The brewery produces high quality beers that are made for sharing however they can be savoured alone on a long, lazy afternoon.

 How it’s made

 The brewery started with six fermentation tanks but this has rapidly increased over the years of production.  Their boutique craft beers are a taste adventure jumping off point and are made through the use of the finest ingredients and attention to detail.

 The taste

 With an array of diverse flavours that are set to excite the senses, Epic brewing produces potions of taste with a high alcohol percentage. However, flavours with organic peach and cherry purees make this drink easily drinkable. The aroma rich Pale Ale is crammed with twenty-three different hop editions, giving it an aggressive hop profile. Many would call this crazy but we call it flavour. 

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