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Element Brewing Co

Known for hitting the sweet spot, much loved Element Brewing beer is made in Millers Falls, Massachusetts. They are a microbrewery, which refuses to contract brew and aim to create delicious, thirst-quenching beers through craft, determination and an extensive knowledge.

How it’s made

Element Brewing sources the highest quality of ingredients and creates a combination of flavours, combining the best malts, finest hops, pure unadulterated Montague water and their own strain of yeast. Through art and science, they have produced what they claim is the best beer in the world. The beers are corked and beautifully wrapped, meaning that they can be aged like a fine wine.

The taste

With full bodied, multi dimensional and pleasant beers in colours of deep ruby, forest black and chestnut brown, the tastes of Element Brewing beers are glorious and easily drinkable. The popular beer, Dark Element is an intrepid style that offers smooth dark toffee and chocolate flavours without the roasted bitterness found in many dark beers. They have gentle warming sensations of alcohol without the shock value of the more extreme styles of beer. The tastes produced from this fine craft brewery are easy to fall in love with and will have you sipping for more in no time. 

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