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The brand Dunkertons is a family company started in 1980 by Susie and Ivor Dunkerton. Having escaped from London they set about trying to make a smallholding of eighteen acres viable. Cider was the answer. Herefordshire then had one dominant cider company but, unlike Somerset, had few farm producers. The Dunkertons saw an opportunity to make a unique cider whilst operating more like a vineyard and without depending on concentrates or chemicals.

Brewing process

Traditional varieties of Cider Apple are chosen each Autumn for their particular characteristics. As soon as apples are ripe, in some years as early as September, they are delivered to the Mill in Pembridge while others are harvested in the home orchards. They are washed, milled to a pulp and then pressed in a belt press. The juice is pumped to shining stainless steel vats for fermentation. Each variety of cider apple is fermented separately, stored and blended for at least a year after pressing. The manufacture is a slow process; immense skill is needed to keep the cider in good condition and in blending thereafter. A long slow fermentation leads to more interesting flavours, so it can be late May before ciders are ready for racking off. Tasting and blending carries on throughout the year. Bottling takes place on the premises, while some cider is pumped across to wooden barrels in the converted 16th century barn for tastes and draught sales.


The Organic Cider Apple is the Star of all Dunkertons ciders. Taste is the key throughout the blending process: in your glass you will experience a long lasting Apple flavour. Dunkertons Cider Mill is situated in rolling countryside a mile from the centre of Pembridge, where the land has proved perfect for orchards. Dunkertons’ ciders depend on freshly pressed juice and a healthy fermentation. They are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and are gluten free.

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