Drakes Brewing Co

This urban craft brewery has an unflinching dedication to brewing clean, high quality, innovative, and often unapologetically hoppy beers. Currently it operates in San Leandro, California and Roger Lind who was a former brewer at Triple Rock brewing founded the company. A bit of a pioneer himself, he decided to name the beer after English privateer, Sir Francis Drake. Every Friday he would host a BBQ for his friends and family in the car park of the brewery, which has become a tradition. Today, however, the BBQ is open to everyone and is hosted as a charity event in order to raise money for the local community.

 How it’s made

 The team at Drakes brewery pride themselves on their tireless research and love for experimenting with flavours. They smell, sip and note every beer from every barrel and often make hypothesizes about their beers. The pioneers also experiment brewing their beers in different barrels such as Jack Daniels whiskey, brandy and red wine.

 The taste

The enticing tastes sometimes shock the industrial beer drinker but are undeniably delicious and drinkable. Full bodied beers that pour ruby red with rich caramel notes, mild biscuit malt characters and pine needle aromatics with a satisfying bitterness will tempt your taste buds. Drake brewery produces outstanding bursts of flavor that have been created through science, experimentation and great effort, resulting in a smooth and exceptionally crafted beer.

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