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Distell Group Limited


Distell has a comprehensive range of low alcohol (3 to 6% by volume) flavoured alcoholic beverages, which includes spirit coolers and ciders to suit all tastes and lifestyles. The company has been involved in the development, manufacture and distribution of market-leading brands since 1986 and prides itself on holding a leading position in the South African market for as many years.


Savanna is a real natural cider from South Africa. Its iconic packaging in its unique dumpy bottle, together with its quirky personality, have made this premium cider a firm favourite. In fact, it is currently the third biggest cider in the world. Savanna Dry Cider was launched in 1996 and has changed people’s perceptions, because back then everything was in cans. Drinking beer out of a bottle also became cool in the USA around this time. The name was dry like the African savannah.


Savanna is one of South Africa’s favourite drinks and is currently enjoyed in more than 40 countries across the globe. The tradition is that Savanna is best served ice-cold with a lemon wedge in the neck of the bottle; and this ritual stems from the famous bartender, Dale Raines, who introduced the idea at the La Med bar in Cape Town, South Africa. And all who drink Savanna loyally follow this custom. In 2000, Savanna introduced a lower alcohol option with its Light variant. With only 3% alcohol, it offers consumers a healthier option.

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